Saturday, April 3, 2010


I remembered when the Macbook Air was launched, I was amazed with the looks and the features that it has. I never thought that all the specs will fit into a such slim type design for a laptop. It was even more surprising when it has hid inside a envelope. Then the apple iphone was introduced into the market. When it was launched in Europe, many awaited the stores to open and rushed into the store just to get one of the phone. It was crazy and exciting to see another new product in the market of technology. Apple is known for their slim products and adding to their honor roster of product excellence, the iPad was launched.

The iPad is the new generation of technology that will go the distance in gadgets. It is basically it is all touch screen and slim as well, the trademark of the Apple products. Think about all the wonderful things you can do with an iphone and Macbook air melted together and the end result is the iPad gadget. This is a super computer and is far more advanced compared to its market rivals.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Check the one of the best laptops in town, The Sony Vaio. This is not just your ordinary laptop for it has all the things that a laptop user ever needs. What is cool about the Sony Vaio is that you can alternate it's covering that will soothe your mood. The Sony Vaio is always available in your nearest Sony dealers worldwide. There are many comparissons with this unit and the Apple Air notebook. But many would still prefer the Sony Vaio for it is more powerful laptop than Apple Notebook Air.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Finally the best phone ever created has again marked another milestone in the technology world as APPLE launches their iphone 3G phones. With this gadget, communication becomes more easy and fun for the all. Check out the phone in the nearest APPLE shop near you.